Your membership supports the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education by teaching STEM in the classroom (virtual or on-site), after school programs and in camps – making it a normal part of our daily lives. You will play a crucial role in helping our diverse community of underprivileged children in the public schools gain access to tools that will allow them to be a part of the wheels changing the world  — on the leading edge of science and technology for generations to come. Help enrich their lives and open doors to possibilities previously beyond their reach.

Your membership contributions result in public recognition as a socially good individual on our platforms, live streaming and events by helping us attack this big societal problems associated with the next generation.

You can help to provide ‘More STEM’ to school aged kids with your monthly contributions at membership levels of your choice or by using our fundraising tools to raise funds and donating those funds to us.

Our primary categories of membership are:

Receive Souvenir with full paymentxxxxx
Special discounts, prizes, resources and awards at streaming eventsxxxxx
Points accumulation for shopping at ’Brands We Love’xxxxx
Credits on Cause Videoxxx
Mention on wall of donorsxx
Access to S.T.E.M educational toysxx
Special discounts to museum membershipsxx
Raffle tickets to eventsxxx
Participate in after school outings to assist reconnect to nature as part of your “Just for Fun” collaborativexxx
After school outings to bring awareness to S.T.E.M educationxx
Scholarships and grants to sports / athletic programs / campsx
Scholarships to S.T.E.M related programs and coursesx
Free admission to webinarsxx
Free admission as audience to shows xx
Invitation to Press Releases members ­only eventsx
Recognition as a member on I.C.D.S’s website and at eventsx
Invitation to special events only for Membersx
Discounted tickets to live eventsxx
Discounts at Restaurantsxx
Discounts at Hotelsx
Business listed on Brands We Lovex
Timeshare of Camp site / Cabinx
VIP access / attendance to… x

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  • Special discounts, prizes, resources and awards at streaming events

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